Check valve


Swing Type/ Piston Type/ Dual Plate Wafer/ Non Slam/ Titling disc/ Cryogenic


Bolted Bonnet/Pressure seal/Wafer


●   Full /Reduced port design.

●   RF ,RTJ ,BW or wafer end connections.

●   Anti-rotation disc.

●   Horizontal or vertical service.

●   Renewable or Integral seat rings available

●   Non-standard valves designed according to customer specifications.


●   Carbon Steel

●   Stainless Steel

●   High temperature alloy steel

●   Duplex Stainless Steel

●   Super Duplex Stainless Steel

●   Ni Alloy

Product Range:

Size: Rating:
1/2” to 56” 150lb
1/2” to 48” 300lb
1/2” to 42” 600lb
1/2” to 36” 900lb
1/2” to 30” 1500lb
1/2” to 20” 2500lb

Mô tả

Kaval Check valves are automatically actuated. They are opened and sustained in the open position by the force of velocity pressure, and closed by the force of gravity. Seating load and resultant tightness is dependent upon back pressure. The disc and associated moving parts may be in a constant state of movement if the velocity pressure is not sufficient to hold the valve in a wide open and stable position. Premature wear and noisy operation or vibration of the moving parts can be avoided by selecting the size of check valve on the basis of flow conditions. Check valves are used to prevent reversal of flow in horizontal or vertical pipe lines. In vertical lines, or for any angle from horizontal to vertical, they can be used for upward flow only.

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