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Gapi O Rings, are produced using modern technology of Moulding / Finishing /Inspection processes to ensure a continuous High level of Quality for all of our clients.

Gapi has invested in its own compounding plant to ensure technical material specifications are always adhered to on a continuous basis, here standard compounds are produced as well as Customer / Market developed materials that are produced to meet specific application or design requirements.

Our high quality Laboratory facilities are there to also help develop specific custom materials that our O Ring clients may need in challenging difficult environments. To date we have developed more than 260 customer specific compounds

All standard compounds are available from NBR through to FFKM O Rings to meet application demands.

In house finishing and machine controlled inspection equipment ensures all levels of controls are in place to meet all customer demands as required.

More than 4000 standard sizes of O Rings are produced for Gapi Logistic centres / Distribution outlets around the Globe, along with many custom sizes for specific client requirements.