Globe valve


T Type/ Y Type/ Bellow seal/ Cryogenic


Bolted Bonnet/Pressure seal




●   BS1873 standard and applicable international specifications as required.

●   RF ,RTJ or BW end connections.

●   Plug, ball or needle disc available.

●   Renewable or Integral seat rings available

●   OS&Y outside screw and yoke

●   Anti-friction bearing yoke sleeve, for greater sizes.

●   Lantern ring and leak off pipe upon request.

●   Extended stem, lock device, bypass, position indication on customer’s request.

●   Non-standard valves designed according to customer specifications.


●   Carbon Steel

●   Stainless Steel

●   High temperature alloy steel

●   Duplex Stainless Steel

●   Super Duplex Stainless Steel

●   Ni Alloy

Product Range:

Size: Rating:
1/2” to 48” 150lb
1/2” to 36” 300lb
1/2” to 30” 600lb
1/2” to 24” 900lb
1/2” to 20” 1500lb
1/2” to 16” 2500lb

Mô tả

Kaval globe valves are highly efficient for services requiring frequent operation and throttling when pressure drop across the valve is about 20% of inlet pressure. Closer throttling, creating higher pressure drops may cause cavitation or excessive velocities which could cause high noise levels, vibration and possible damage to the valve or adjacent piping. Globe valves can be equipped with optional operators and are available with a variety of trims to match service requirements

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