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Specialist for on site – most compact in the field!


Voltage:18 V

Battery Pack:DC 18 V 4.0 Ah (Li-ion) model NBL18006

Hole Diameter:12 to 27 mm

Plate Thickness:6 to 20 mm

No Load Speed:430 min-1

Magnet Holding Power:5,500 N

Magnet Dimensions:65 × 126 mm

Mass (Weight):7 kg


Highly Sensitive Sensor Equipped
Side Slip and Inclination detected by a built-in sensor
Self-check Function
The machine checks for faults itself


Total Weight Just 7 kg
Weight reduced by utilising a moulded plastic Housing
Powered by a Battery
It makes it possible to drill holes anywhere


Magnetic Force Control Function
The magnet force is automatically reduced when the drill is not running
Soft Start Function
The large electric current on start-up is prevented by starting the electric drill gently
Automatic Drill Stop and Warning Function
Unnecessary operations are eliminated