Floating Ball valve


Side Entry ( 2pc/3pcs Bolted, 3pcs thread, fully weld)

Top Entry




●   API608 standard and applicable international specifications as required.

●   Full port or reduce port design.

●   RF ,RTJ, NPT, SW or BW end connections.

●   Soft seat or metal seat design.

●   Fire-safe tested.

●   Blow-out proof stem.

●   Anti-static Electricity.

●   Locking Device.

●   Low operating torque for ease of operation and reduced actuator cost.

●   Automatic cavity pressure relief.

●   Positive Flow Stem Indicator.

●   ISO 5211 mounting pad.

●   Extended stem for Cryogenic service

●   Non-standard valves designed according to customer specifications.


●   Carbon Steel

●   Stainless Steel

●   High temperature alloy steel

●   Duplex Stainless Steel

●   Super Duplex Stainless Steel

●   Ni Alloy

Product Range:

1/2” to 10”150lb,300lb
1/2” to 4”600lb
1/2” to 4”900lb
1/2” to 2”1500lb,2500lb


Kaval Floating Ball valves are straight-through flow valves which provide positive shutoff with minimal pressure drop and flow turbulence. the barrier to flow is a ball which is rotated 90 degrees to the direction of flow. Kaval market a complete line of ball valves for the most demanding application requirements of the oil and gas, power, chemical, petrochemical and other process industries.

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