Sands to a clean finish and more in less time. Compact and light.

Light sanding with piston movement A compact, lightweight and economical unit having amazingly low air consumption. Built rugged for long continuous hours of operation. Incorporates no gears and other complicated mechanisms.


Pad Size:55 x 103 mm
Stroke:4 mm
Free Speed (rpm):4.000 min-1
Air Consumption:0.11 m³/min
Weight:0.75 kg
Standard Accessories:
  • Hose E Ass’y : 1 set
  • Bushing PT1/4 x NPT1/4 : 1 pc.
  • Block Rubber Pad Ass’y : 1 set
  • Abrasive Paper #240 : 5 sheets
  • Abrasive Paper #320 : 5 sheets

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